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DECEMBER 1, 2010 ATLANTA, GA — Peachtree Movers celebrated 10 successful years under owner Jim McKinney, Sr. by recertifying all key employees as IOMI® Certified Office Movers®. Fitting, since the concept of office moving training was hatched within the walls of the Atlanta moving company.

Ten years ago, Jim McKinney was leaving one logistics job behind but looking for another. The retiring president of FedEx Logistics wasn’t ready to stop working and figured the right moving company would fit his background and experience. At precisely the same time, Ed Katz was ready to sell Peachtree Movers, the company he started from scratch in 1976.

Since taking over, McKinney has made it a family affair, his wife, Judy, is company controller and son, Jim, Jr. has work his way up to operations manager. The younger McKinney praised recertification training for enabling Peachtree Movers “to render an even higher quality of service”.

For proof that the company is run by an expert in logistics, start in the huge warehouse.

“I’ve been to more than 75 moving company facilities in the last 25 months and Peachtree Movers’ warehouse was one of the cleanest and best organized facilities I’ve ever visited,” said Katz. “Every item that’s stored in their warehouse is bar-coded and tracked by computer.”

In the beginning, Katz moved furniture like every other mover and heard the same complaints. The drudgery of packing and unpacking and the inevitable lost and mixed-up files added plenty of headaches to business productivity coming to a complete standstill.

And, oh, the damage!

Movers damaged walls, floors, and furniture. Glass, framed art, and computers underwent such a beating that when it was over, the customer felt as battered as their belongings.

Katz took complaints seriously and began developing methods and tools to eliminate or minimize them, including protection for building surfaces and electronics and the “boxless” move, which became wildly popular with customers.

By 1996, Katz’ innovations earned Peachtree Movers Atlanta’s Consumer’s Choice Award as Best Office Mover and the industry was sitting up and taking notice. Four years later, it was the right moving company for Jim McKinney.

The methods and patented devices were in place, the staff and crew were well-trained in techniques to reduce damage and Worker’s Comp claims, and – the icing on the cake – sales could accurately estimate office moves using a formula Katz himself developed.

After McKinney’s first week at the helm, the U.S. Naval Academy grad and Vietnam-era F-4 fighter pilot was ready to fly on his own. Peachtree Movers was so well-positioned for the sale that the months of “staying on” that are usually needed to ease most ownership transitions wasn’t necessary, and Katz was given the option to leave.

Veteran employees remained, some who worked for Katz for well over a decade and became the first IOMI® Certified Office Movers® before there was such a thing continue with McKinney today.

In the ensuing years, Katz continued developing both best-practice methods for delivering improved service and the school he established for teaching them, the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). Both first took root and flourished at Peachtree Movers.

Todd Michals, Office Moving Sales

Julie Hughes, Commercial Sales

Jim McKinney, Jr.
Operations Manager

Lynda Way, Customer Service

Marc Phillips, Commercial Sales

Judy McKinney, Controller

(L-R) Phillip White, Senior Supervisor, and Mover/Helpers Bernard Toomer and Steve George

IOMI® Instructor Ed Katz, left, founder and former owner of Peachtree Movers, presents current owner Jim McKinney, Sr. with his diploma after completing IOMI® Certified Office Mover® recertification training.

200 truck loads on time for less than the estimate

DECEMBER, 2005 NORCROSS, GA — Two hundred truck loads of furniture and files, computers and contents, several large labs, a room full of flat files, and the inventory and parts from their manufacturing division, ViaSat, Inc. is now in their new home.

Peachtree Movers handled the relocation, which ran from late October until early December, with virtually no damage. Peachtree Movers used IOMI® best-practice methods for minimizing the risk of damage to furniture, computers, and sensitive lab equipment as well as ViaSat’s brand new 140,000 square foot office buildings.

The Atlanta mover based the time frame and price on IOMI’s proprietary estimating formula and finished the job on time for less than the estimated cost.

Included in the move was a room full of flat files that Peachtree Movers moved fully loaded safely with Space Gobblers™

Peachtree Movers safely moved 200 Metro-Carts all fully loaded with sensitive lab equipment by inflating Space Gobblers™ over the top of each cart’s contents and securing with stretch wrap.