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Suddath Commits to IOMI® Training and Certification for All Employees

Bob Papuga, Senior Vice President at Suddath and Lisa Mills, Manager, Quality and Training at Suddath presented Ed Katz with Suddath’s “Outstanding Partnership” award.

April 15, 2016, Jacksonville, Florida – Suddath has just jumped into its commitment to safety and quality service with both feet. The company is partnering with IOMI® for the next 5 years to have every Suddath mover—the one who renders the service—become IOMI® trained and certified. This is an unprecedented program that will require every employee who is involved in office moving—from coast to coast—to complete IOMI®’s new online intensive training seminar. Suddath is also the first national moving company to have all of its executives, sales, admin, customer service, and ops personnel access the training modules online. To ensure they maintain IOMI’s high standards of quality service, Suddath’s employees will have ongoing online training and will, therefore, be recertified each year. The best practice methods they learn will enable them to estimate moves accurately, minimize the risk of injury to their employees and damage to furniture, computers and office building doors, floors, walls, and elevators. We commend Suddath’s leadership for making this huge investment in its workforce!

Re-Certified, Coast-to-Coast—Suddath Workplace Solutions – Every branch took the IOMI® online Certified Office Mover® training

March, 2016 – Suddath’s Workspace Solutions’ commercial division is the first national mover to take the IOMI® online training. In addition to the key employees at every branch being IOMI® trained and certified, their crews—the movers who render the service—are now IOMI® trained. The best practice methods they learned enable them to minimize the risk of injury to their employees and damage to furniture, computers and office building doors, floors, walls, and elevators.

The crews participated in the interactive online training in front of a big-screen TV.
Zane Anderson, President and General Manager of the Los Angeles branch of Suddath, was relaxed while he and employees of all of Suddath’s other branches nationwide took the recently launched IOMI® online office moving seminar. Why was relaxed? Because he took the courses at his convenience without disrupting his work or his business. Zane Anderson, President and General Manager, Suddath-Los Angeles, CA Before “running” his crews through the training, Andrew Moss, Operations Manager took the seminar online at his convenience. Kelly Hagadorn, Commercial Coordinator. learning the IOMI® estimating formula online.

As one of the world’s largest privately held relocation companies, Suddath understands the value of continuing training. From early January until March 31, 2016, hundreds of Suddath employees at every branch including corporate completed the IOMI® training, earning the right to be called an IOMI® Certified Office Mover®.

In addition to the online classroom training, Suddath students were given “hands-on” training about best practice methods from securing glass to conference room tables, to loading moving vans with the IOMI® floating method of keeping the furniture on the dolly on the floor of the truck. The training minimizes the risk of damage to office buildings, and protects servers, monitors, printers and CPU’s with two layers of anti-static bubbles. Most competitors wrap computer components with cheaper (but also very risky) quilted pads.

Andrew Moss, Operations Manager, leading the hands-on training. What’s so great about IOMI® training? Suddath’s corporate Senior Vice President, Workplace Solutions, Bob Papuga, says it puts everyone in the organization on the same page. Imagine that; customer service, sales, operations all using the same set of best-practice methods and techniques to accurately estimate the job, then carry out the move on time for the price quoted. All branches coast-to-coast use the same uniform standards. The bottom line: it doesn’t matter who estimates the job or what branch renders the service; it’s the same consistent high-quality standards in every location. June, 2016, Suddath commits to protecting office building elevators and main entrance doors during moves with its Mat-A-Doors®. www.matadoors.net Ed Katz, left, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) visited Barrett’s Milwaukee branch to train key employees as IOMI® Certified Office Movers®. Suddath Vice President Bob Papuga is obviously thrilled.

IOMI® training unites Barrett, Suddath

MAY 5 – 7, 2011 MILWAUKEE, WI — After acquiring Barrett Moving & Storage Company earlier in the year, a Suddath priority was for key new employees to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers®, an important step in the merger process to achieve a meeting of the minds in sales and operational performance.

Instructor Ed Katz delivered three intensive days of IOMI® best-practice training at Barrett’s Milwaukee branch.

“Their facility is one of the most spectacular warehouses I’ve ever seen, antiseptically clean and unbelievably organized,” said Katz.

Carefully stored within its walls are five race cars worth more than a half million each and a Harley Davidson autographed by Evel Knievel. With all those fast vehicles, it’s little wonder why Mike Hansen chooses the title of Rocket Scientist for his business cards over general manager.

Barrett’s offices in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota pushes Suddath to a $325 million corporation with more than 1,500 employees in 18 locations and a strong, well-established position in the upper midwest.

More IOMI® training in on-time-for-the-price-quoted moves with minimized risk of damage and downtime is planned soon for the remaining Barrett employees, but with training over in Milwaukee, Mike Hansen can add IOMI® Certified Office Mover® to his Rocket Scientist business cards.

Ed has an ingenious way of bottling a common sense approach to successful office moving. He’s an excellent teacher—guaranteed to produce results.
Anzhelika Bouchard, Corporate Client Integration Manager

Ed is an engaging and effective communicator. Craig Lindvall, Sales

I now understand the sales and logistics of office moving and appreciate the effort and dedication each individual contributes in making a move successful.
Tiffany Willner, Accounting Manager

Ed was fantastic! He was patient, very informative and a great professor.
Brian Reid, Sales

Cindy Hollmann, Move Coordinator

Barrett warehouses Evel Knievel’s autographed motorcycle for the Harley Davidson Museum.

Marla Neela, Manager of Business Development

[L-R] Tom Wilson, Sales and Jamison Roudabush, Director, Client Advocacy

[L-R] Nic Stasiuk, Sales; Mike Tanious, Sales

[L-R] Jon Costello, Operations Manager and Jim Finch, National Account Manager

Ed, thank you for the time and effort training our group. I found the session to be exactly what I hoped—educational and thought provoking!
…you made the learning interesting and fun!
Mike Hansen, General Manager
(and “Rocket Scientist”)
The seminar was informative and fun.
Ed made the time pass quickly.
Jeff Harlan, Director, Office & Industrial Moving
[L-R] Mike Hansen and Jeff Harlan

[L-R] Steve Gename, Sales and Joe Friedman, Sales

Attendee Comments

IOMI® has developed a reliable, accurate and efficient estimating process to help sales professionals improve their sales.
Jamison Roudabush, Director, Client Advocacy

Ed is a great presenter who teaches what he knows because he’s been there.
Steve Gename, Sales

This is the best training seminar I have ever attended in the moving industry.
Joe Friedman, Sales

Anyone who takes this seminar seriously will certainly be prepared to become a great mover in the O&I arena.
Jon Costello, Operations Manager

AUGUST 17 – 20, 2009 — Zane Anderson, president and general manager of Suddath Commercial Solutions, Los Angeles, leads by example with a rare combination of passion and energy. So it’s no wonder why customers interviewed during IOMI’s® recent audit had nothing but high praise for Suddath’s LA branch.

Instructor Ed Katz reviewed and expanded training on IOMI’s® proprietary formula for estimating that’s based on man-hours and not pounds or “cube.”

Katz’ audit process included tailing sales personnel on estimates to make sure they followed IOMI’s® proprietary formula and did not over promise. Katz also made surprise visits to several ongoing moves to measure how well Suddath’s LA branch followed IOMI® best-practice methods for minimizing the risk of damage to furniture, computers, and buildings.

Classroom training reviewed and expanded on IOMI’s® proprietary estimating formula based on man-hours, not pounds or “cube.”

Suddath LA passes IOMI® surprise move audit with flying colors.

Los Angeles • San Jose

Ed Katz, IOMI® instructor, leads Suddath Commercial Solutions’ Los Angeles branch during three days of training held at Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel, Buena Park, CA.

Los Angeles, San Jose earn IOMI certification

– Under a corporate-wide commitment to best practices, Suddath Commercial Solutions added two more branches when nearly 60 employees from both its Los Angeles and San Jose operations were certified by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®).

The training, which began last month when Suddath’s Florida operations including its Jacksonville headquarters, kicked off the company’s pledge that every key employee at every branch nationwide will become IOMI® Certified Movers®.

IOMI® Instructor Ed Katz swept through California training key personnel at Suddath’s office moving operations during two three-day sessions.

Ed, Your program was terrific and is the “water cooler” topic this morning. EVERYBODY was energized, enjoyed the training, and got a lot out of it. Several people from whom our O&I product line was a “foreign language”, say they now feel very comfortable and confident… This will have a huge impact on our success … Like you stressed; this will be a paradigm shift for us… One of which is a general understanding and importance of each others role and how everyone plays a vital and integral part in the process…Rest assured, I will be touting and championing your program (I already have)…Once again, thank you.

Zane Anderson, President & GM, Suddath Los Angeles, August 11, 2008

Role-playing helps Suddath employees communicate with customers. (L to R) Ruth Garcia, manager of quality assurance, Debby Glenn, customer service manager, Elia Martinez, dispatch regional planner.

Ed, thank you…the group learned more about the scientific method and we can see how it will benefit us…It was so refreshing to hear …how to become leaders instead of followers.
Ruth Garcia
Quality Assurance Manager

Ed was great…engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I was delighted to see how much all of my staff participated in this great learning experience.
Zane Anderson
President & GM, Los Angeles Branch

Ed is the best there is in
this business; he is God send.
Roy Parker
Office Moving Supervisor

This is the best seminar I’ve ever had! Ed treated everyone as his peer.
Noly Reyes
Billing Department

Ed did a great job. He kept everyone engaged. With our new knowledge, our competition doesn’t have stand a change… this is the second time I’m taking your seminar and I’m getting so
much more out of it…
Carlos Arroyo
Regional Director, Commercial Services

Ed did a fantastic job–the whole presentation was very interesting.
Susan Corbid
Billing Department

Ed, you were an excellent presenter. Your seminar really unites a moving company’s O&I efforts by combining form and focus.
Gene Kopecky
President & GM
Northern California Branch

…I can’t wait to see the results after our people adopt and use Ed’s innovative process.
Brenda Wallingford

Ed’s best practice approach brings back to office moving the lost art of honesty and accountability.
John Davis

Calleen Hoving, O&I coordinator, practices IOMI’s® estimating formula.

Suddath Los Angeles branch employees enjoy a short break during training.

(L-R) Ed Katz, Zane Anderson, and Bob Papuga look on as Shani Wood, North American coordinator, proudly shows off her Certified Mover® diploma.

Zane Anderson gives Lily Nicolas flowers for a great job making off-site training arrangements at Knott’s Berry Farm Resort. Lily is Suddath’s manager for Human Resources and Admin Services, Los Angeles.

This was one of the best training seminars I’ve ever taken.
Rainer Rodgers
Quality Assurance Manager

Ed was fantastic—he’s very interesting and knowledgeable and shows a great desire to share.
Doreen Richards
Quality Control Manager

Doreen Richards and Rainer Rodgers discuss IOMI’s® estimating formula during a San Jose training break.

I’m taking your seminar a second time, Ed, because there is just so much to learn. It’s great,
Torri Granger
Business Development

Finally someone took the time to put procedures in place. Ed, you
thought of everything!
Mel Guel
O&I Revenue Distribution Coordinator

I so enjoyed the IOMI® presentation and workshop that was held in San Jose. Even though I have been in the industry for over 17 years, it is refreshing to be taught a new process. Your dedication to best practices was well appreciated.
Janet Adkins
Customer Service Manager

I’ve been in this industry for 15 years and it was great to learn new and better
ways of doing things.
Louie Robledo
Commercial Project Manager

Knowledge is power. Thanks to Ed, I feel that I know the moving business much
better now.
Linda Chu
Driver Settlement Coordinator

Jacksonville • Miami

Suddath’s IOMI commitment starts
at the top

JACKSONVILLE / MIAMI, FL, JULY 2008 — With 80 years of moving experience under your belt, is there anything new to learn?

Suddath Commercial Solutions thinks so much of International Office Moving Institute’s (IOMI®) office moving methods, they have pledged to train every key employee at every one of their 16 branches nationwide in the coming months.

Steve Suddath, chairman of the board for The Suddath Companies, showed his commitment to IOMI’s® program by attending the first training session held at Suddath’s corporate offices in Jacksonville, FL.

Suddath and key employees at corporate and the company’s Jacksonville and Miami branches earned Certified Mover® status during three days of intensive training. Now, instead of basing office move estimates on “cube”, Suddath will begin implementing IOMI’s® proprietary formula to accurately estimate the number of men and trucks for how long. Customers benefit because moves finish on time for the price quoted with greater reliability.

Jeff Witwer, a Suddath relocation consultant, evaluated the training as life changing.

“This training has changed my life as a commercial salesman. I can now really set myself apart from the competition,” Witwer wrote.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“The seminar was so informative, I wish I could take it again. Ed kept my attention the whole time. I wanted more,” said Pat Day, a national account manager.

IOMI’s® Certified Mover® training gives moving companies best-practice tools and techniques to estimate accurately and minimize the risk of damage to furniture, computers, and building surfaces during an office move, all designed to finish on time for the price quoted with greater certainty.

Every key employee at corporate and Miami and Jacksonville branches were trained in IOMI methods.

Bob Papuga, Vice President, Suddath Commercial Solutions

Tania Gizelar, Relocation Consultant

Local contractor Juan Guillot, left, role plays with Dani Wampler in sales.

Danny Ascanio, Relocation Consultant

Mercedes Gutierrez participates in role playing exercise with Larry Farrell, project manager.

Janis Corbyons, Corporate Service Manager

Great seminar, Ed. I’ve been following your progress for years.
John Trevathan, GM Miami

Ed, you did a great job. I took your seminar because I want to learn as much about office moving as I possibly can.
Mike Demont
President, Suddath Relocation Systems

Ed, your presentation was awesome. I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and I learned so many new things.
Bruce Smith, National Account Manager

The seminar was so informative…I wish I could take it again…Ed kept my attention the whole time…I wanted more.
Pat Day, National Account Manager

Ed, your seminar exceeded my expectations. You were very entertaining and did a good job of mixing real life ‘war stories.’ You have a unique way of making the mundane interesting; the complex, simple. You’ve taught us an easy process on how to become a great office mover.”
Dick Eschbacher
Regional Vice President

Ed, you did a great job. I have been in this industry a long time and this is the first time I’ve seen such a comprehensive approach to O&I. And, your formula for estimating accurately was so simple.
Steve Smith, Relocation Consultant

This training has changed my life as a commercial salesman. I can now really set myself apart from the competition…you are the real deal! You have a solution to every possible problem that can happen. You were there!!
Jeff Witwer, Relocation Consultant

Ed taught us a better and more efficient way to do business.
Rick Noel, Quality Control

Ed, you are so sincere and passionate. It was so easy to learn your formula for estimating.
Larry Farrell, Project Manager

Ed, you taught us ways to logically solve problems in the office moving arena that I’ll use for the rest of my life. I just can’t wait to adopt and implement your IOMI techniques.
Russell Connell, Project Coordinator

Ed, the entire seminar was very beneficial and even I will be able to use a lot of what you taught us.
Gloria Perez, Controller