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SAN DIEGO, CA / MARCH 11 – 13, 2010 – After becoming one of the best HHG movers in the nation, ACE Relocation Systems, Inc. visionaries, Dan and Larry Lammers, are 100 percent committed to rendering the best office moving service possible.

The latest round of training by Ed Katz of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) was held at the company’s San Diego offices.

IOMI® training helps brothers Dan Lammers, vp operations and government sales, and Larry Lammers, CEO and president, with ACE Relocation Systems, Inc. on their mission to be the best.

Jeremy Day, General Manager, San Diego, CA works through IOMI’s proprietary job estimating formula.

Zane Green, General Manager, Kent, WA: I used to think I was an expert in the office moving business. (After taking IOMI® Certified Office Mover training), I just took the first step to become one.

(L-R) Contractor Sean Warnke, Danielle Roybal, customer service manager, and Lindsey Allen, sales and marketing coordinator.

(L-R) Danielle Roybal, customer service manager, and Sean Warnke, contractor, with IOMI® Trainer Ed Katz.

Contractors (L-R) Jose “Pepe” Uribe and Leonard Heam.

Time Snow, contractor: Ed has tied together and presented everything I’ve learned in all my years in the moving business. Now we all can work together to render the best service possible.

Mike Emming, operations manager and dispatcher and Contractor Nikos Zeller.

Michael Jones, relocation consultant, Washington, DC, admires his IOMI® Certified Office Mover diploma.

Attendee Comments

“ …entertaining and very knowledgeable on real life experiences.”
Lindsey Allen, sales and marketing coordinator

“Operations and sales can now agree on how to do office moves.”
Mike Emming, operations manager and dispatcher

“Finally, a targeted approach to office moving.”
Richard Clarke, senior vice president of sales

“Ed’s presentation has benefit for the novice and the seasoned pro as well!”
Kevin Casey, GM, Long Beach, CA

“Excellent! I was more than skeptical but you kept your audience involved and captivated. Brilliant!”
Eric Kronebusch, relocation consultant, Austin, TX

“I was pleased with your training seminar. I found it to be time well spent. With a program of that length you would usually see an attention drop off. All of the participants were as enthused at the end as they were after the first morning.”
Dan Lammers, vp operations & government sales

Thanks, Ed! You got rave reviews, as always.
Craig Morreale, director of marketing

(L-R) ACE Relocation Systems CEO and President Larry Lammers, his brother, Dan Lammers, VP Operations & Government Sales, and John Burton, Senior Vice President, Commercial Services Division at the company’s metro DC facility.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD / JANUARY 21 – 23, 2010 – It wasn’t much of a gamble when ACE Relocation Systems, Inc. decided to hire Ed Katz and the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®).

“A leader cannot lead unless he knows where he is going. Our executive team is going to ensure that ACE becomes the best IOMI Certified Office Mover in the country,” said John Burton, ACE Relocation Systems senior vice president, Commercial Services Division. Burton is an industry veteran, who already holds an IOMI® Certified Office Mover certificate.

His experience with IOMI® training convinced Burton that if ACE is to be the best, it would do so on the strength of the best training available. Burton also knew IOMI® instructor, Katz, would get their attention and hold it in ways not expected.

“Kregg Boreani just looked at me smiling and shook his head, ‘You’re shameless’, he said.” Katz smiled as he related the story afterwards. “I told him that was the nicest thing anyone ever said to me.”

Boreani, ACE general manager for its metro Washington DC location, made the comment during a recent training session. All key employees from ACE’s metro DC and Orlando branches and several from their Chicago and corporate offices in San Diego, nineteen in all, attended the intense three-day training, which covers best-practice methods for on-time-for-the-price-quoted office moves.

Not known for his poker face, Katz likes to get his students’ attention and hold it. “I like to shake people up, I get in their face, I love to be politically incorrect and try to get them to think,” said the head of IOMI® and founder and former owner of Peachtree Movers in Atlanta.

“Ed was great, very engaging and kept it fun and entertaining,” said Michelle Green, metro DC branch sales executive.

More training is scheduled for ACE in 2010. “As IOMI Certified Office Movers, ACE is holding the winning hand,” said Katz.

Michelle Green, Sales Executive and Mitch Guinn, Contractor

Contractors Tim Simons and Shannon Mitchell

Ed Katz, IOMI®

Tom Laffin

Craig Morreale, Director of Marketing-Corporate

Clyde Byrne
Ops Mgr, Metro DC

Kregg Boreani
GM, Metro DC

Dave Noffs
GM, Chicago

Tom Westwood
GM, Orlando, FL

Pete Heldreth
Sales Executive

Kregg Boreani, GM, Metro DC Branch

Contractors learn the IOMI® best practice method for dollying up a vertical file cabinet.

Michelle Green, sales, learns IOMI® proprietary formula for estimating accurately.

Proudly displaying IOMI® Certified Office Mover certificates are (L-R) GM Kregg Boreani, CEO / President Larry Lammers, and John Burton, Senior VP, Commercial Services

Attendee Comments

Ed was great; very engaging and kept it fun and entertaining.
Michelle Green, Sales

After 25 years in the business, this is the first time I have seen a documented set of procedures, best practices and methods for training both sales people and labor new to our industry. This will help to insure that everyone involved with a move delivers the same level of professionalism.
David J. Noffs, General Manager, Chicago

I wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful class. I enjoyed every minute and eagerly await our next class in California.
Peter Heldreth, Director, Commercial Services Group, AMSA Certified Relocation Consultant

A leader cannot lead unless he knows where he is going. Our executive team is going to ensure that ACE becomes the best IOMI Certified Office Mover in the country.
John Burton, Senior Vice President