Pink Protection For Office Electronics!

Now office equipment movers can move computers with all the protective advantages of bubble wrapping at a fraction of the time and cost.

Comp-U-Wrap® takes up where the plain old bubble wrap leaves off. Anti-static bubble-filled bags streamline prep time for commercial relocation companies and reduce moving claims, which brings big savings in move labor and the cost and enormous waste of bubble wrapping, without sacrificing protection from bumps and jarring.

Use Comp-U-Wraps® over and over. When the bubble wrap layers inside are worn out, replace them and Comp-U-Wraps® are brand new and ready for many more months of heavy duty protection.

Trend toward hiring environment friendly vendors picked up steam along with rising fuel costs.

How To Use Comp-U-Wraps®

Place computer monitor or CPU in center of a single Comp-U-Wrap® on moving cart shelf. Fold the ends up against each side of the equipment and you’ve got pink, bubbly protection!

It’s like giving your computers a vacation! Sensitive components ride in cushiony comfort and arrive at their destination refreshed, relaxed, and ready to go back to work.

2 x 4-foot Poly Bags, $4.95 each, minimum order 100 (GA residents, add 6% sales taxes) plus $26.90 shipping. Bubblewrap not included. Add your bubblewrap to our six-mil-thick, anti-static poly sleeve and you’ve made a Comp-U-Wrap®!

To place an order, call Ed Katz at 404.358.2172

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Super-sized Reusable Poly Bag Containing Two Layers of Bubblewrap