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Vice President/GM Terminal Services, Jeff Shellberg leads cheer for IOMI® office moving methods during training.

Interstate™ Worldwide “buzzing with optimism”

— With more than 200 busy employees and a fleet of 300 vehicles, what could possibly send an optimistic buzz through Interstate™ Worldwide Relocation Services? Three days with Ed Katz, of course.

Jeff Shellberg, vice president and general manager of terminal services, knew if Interstate Worldwide hoped to enter the office moving race, he needed Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), as his crew chief.

And it was Shellberg, himself an IOMI® Certified Office Mover®, in the pole position during the three days of IOMI® training.

“I’m convinced that Interstate’s thrust into office moving is going to be successful. This was the first time in my history of teaching the seminar that a leader like Jeff cheered everyone on to buy into the IOMI® program. And he didn’t do it just once but, instead, throughout the entire three days of training,” said Katz.

“Our company is buzzing with optimism following what was a very successful training session,” said JD Morrissette, president of Interstate Van Lines.

Interstate’s Operations Training & Quality Manager Brandon Newton expects the team to make a fast start.
“The Interstate teams will start to put the formulas into play quickly, too, knowing Jeff. The Interstate teams have all been buzzing about the training and want to get the program going. WOW!”

Break time with JD Morrissette, president of Interstate Van Lines.

Interstate Worldwide employees gather for a group picture upon becoming IOMI® Certified Office Movers®.

Attendee Comments

Ed was entertaining and kept me awake when the Red Bull didn’t. David Gomez

I loved the seminar. It was a great learning tool. Deon Pettaway

Ed kept us engaged in the seminar and was very thorough and detailed oriented in everything he taught us. Barry Springs

Great material; good communicator; and the seminar was challenging, beneficial and rewarding! Ed Mattern

Thank you for making me a professional office mover. Ed needs to work for Interstate permanently. Moe Turner

Ed was a fantastic and upbeat presenter. He taught us a precise estimating formula and a detailed scope of services so that there is no more guessing. Manuel Rico

Ed was great and did an outstanding job with his presentation. I will implement everything in my daily work. Patrick Boni-Awotwi

Ed’s program makes it easy for anyone to put together a valid estimate. Patrick Marble

I learned how important it is to really know how to do your job. I’m glad I work for Interstate because our company really cares about doing the job the right way. Thomas Blichard

I see how everything we learned has a meaning and is connected to everything else we learned in the seminar. I can’t wait to use the estimating formula to accurately estimate the correct number of men, trucks and equipment for how long. I see how important it is to keep an open mind in this business so that we can learn and use the best techniques. Brandon Young

Ed used examples to make his math more understandable and he added a lot of sense of humor to hold our interest. I really learned how important it is to measure in order to be able to manage. Lisa Fitzgerald

I’ve been in the moving business for 48 years and I still learned a lot of new techniques and procedures—who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Butch Sanford

Mr. Katz’ methods are very well thought out. His emphasis on being thorough especially during the preparation highlights exactly how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure. His paradigm shift is well worth it. Todd Perdue

If I had to train for three straight days over a long weekend, I’m glad Ed Katz was my instructor. He made us laugh while he taught and educated us. Mary Ann Williams