| MBI Workspace Solutions
– Memphis, TN 2014 |

L to R: Rob Kinney, CFO/COO, Ed Katz, IOMI® instructor, Michelle Bingham, VP of Sales and Design, Darnell Kuykendoll, Operations Manager, and Rhonda Bradley, President and CEO look upward in a symbolic gesture to the tremendous potential MBI has in office relocation in Memphis, TN

Nov 19, 2014 — All that MBI (Memphis Business Interiors) needed to reach Rhonda Bradley’s goal of becoming the premier office mover in the company’s Memphis, Tennessee market was the knowledge and skill to do it right.

Bradley’s other company, Today’s Office, already is the only Little Rock company that is a Certified Office Mover® by the International Office Moving Institute® and has earned a stellar reputation with furniture buyers and/or companies needing an office mover.

Repeated requests from satisfied customers of her most recent acquisition, MBI—a Steelcase® furniture dealership in Memphis – encouraged Bradley, President and chief executive officer, to diversify into office moving, which is a natural addition to her core business.

Bradley again hired the International Office Moving Institute® (IOMI®) http://www.iomi.tv/about.html to teach her Memphis team the best practice methods to estimate accurately, and to ensure her moves finish on time for the price quoted with a minimum risk of damage to her clients’ furniture, computers, and the office space.

According to Ed Katz, IOMI® instructor, the MBI team is poised to make the most of Bradley’s investment. “MBI is one of the sharpest and best group of students I have ever trained,” said Katz. Since MBI already offers project management and space planning, the company earned a dual IOMI® certification as both Certified Office Movers® and Certified Project Managers®.

“Thanks Ed for doing another great job of training our team.” — Rhonda Bradley, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Ed, I loved this seminar and your training. I learned so much that we can now apply in Memphis.” — Darnell Kuykendoll, Operations Manager

“This is just what we needed Ed. Our customers have been asking us to provide them office moving services and thanks to you, we will now be able to render the best practice methods for doing their moves.” — Rob Kinney, CFO and COO

The key employees of MBI attended the training to learn the best practice methods for minimizing the risk of damage to their clients’ furniture, computers, and office buildings. Included in the training were the latest techniques for reducing their customers’ nonproductive down-time.