Move Your Business
(Without Becoming A Moving Target)

by Ed Katz

Moving Books - Move Your BusinessAn office move is full of pitfalls that cause budget overruns and, if not finished on time, can put you out of business. Internationally recognized as the authority on office moving, Ed Katz shares more than 30 years of experience in the commercial moving business to help you Move Your Business (Without Becoming A Moving Target).

110 Info-packed Pages – 26 Photos
Soft Cover Spiral-bound

$129.95 (plus sales tax for GA residents) plus $5.50 shipping to U.S. addresses. $12.00 shipping to addresses outside the U.S. Payment in U.S. funds. How to order.

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• How to uncover hidden costs and set up, manage, and spend a realistic move budget.
• When you need a move consultant or project manager and how to hire one.
• Long-term benefits of hiring a designer.
• How to plan for a smooth transition of your company’s communications system and keep your phones working during the move.
• How to buy furniture.
• How to protect and store company property.
• How to find office space and negotiate the lease.
• How to hire a general contractor.
• How to hire a commcercial moving company that will bill what they quote, protect your furniture, electronic equipment, and building surfaces, and finish on time.
• and much more!

Founder and former chairman of Peachtree Movers in Atlanta, GA, Ed Katz has perfected the art of customer service, satisfaction, and savings with innovative ways of solving common moving complaints.

He’s been called the consumer advocate of office moves. In Move Your Business (Without Becoming A Moving Target), Katz arms business owners with tools for the whole move, from budgeting to move day, from finding space and getting the best lease terms to making sure your phone system works during the move.

“Don’t move until you read this book.”

Ed Katz

Ed Katz
About The Author
Ed Katz has changed the way businesses move.

When he founded Peachtree Movers in Atlanta in 1976, he moved furniture like every other mover. And heard the same complaints.

Moving means packing and unpacking – and everyone hates it. Besides the drudgery and inevitable lost and mixed-up files, productivity stops, and you’re out of business! To add insult to injury, your mover damages walls, floors, and furniture. Items such as glass, framed art work, and computers undergo a beating in transit, and afterwards you feel as battered as your belongings.

Ed Katz took customer complaints seriously and began developing methods and tools to eliminate or minimize the grievances.

Today Ed Katz is called the “guru” and consumer advocate of office moves. In Move Your Business (Without Becoming A Moving Target), you’ll see why.

Do you need a project manager?
Do you need a relocation or move consultant?
Are you getting your money’s worth?
How can you be sure you’re making the right decisions?

Make a call and find out.

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