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What does becoming an IOMI® Certified Office Mover® mean to myBekins?

Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Lance Grooms, expressed it with a video tribute to all myBekins team members for investing many hours to learn the IOMI® process. Click here to play the video.

FEBUARY 27, 2011 — O&I at myBekins got a jolt when all key employees at every branch recently completed training to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers®. You could say it was nothing short of electrifying.

For many myBekins employees who took part in the training, the chemistry, comradely and interaction between student and instructor was unparalleled, and resulted in a new and better understanding of the industry, even among those who have been in the moving business for decades.

Though formal training has concluded, the energy still lives.

“We have heard repeatedly how helpful the seminars were… We are working to keep the momentum started with a couple of IOMI focused performance contests and with the spot audits,” said Lance Grooms, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing for myBekins corporate.

Across the U.S. over the last year, training by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) took one myBekins branch after another by storm. For myBekins’ commercial clients, it means the company is confidently armed with an arsenal of tools to deliver office moves on time for the price quoted.

myBekins employees express it best. Scroll down.

Los Angeles, CA

Stuart Siegel,
Relocation Consultant

I’ve been to many seminars in the past and this is by far the most informative one …
Stuart Siegel, Relocation Consultant

Ed is a dynamic and knowledgeable communicator/educator. I now have a new and better vision of doing business in our industry.
David Stark, Operations Manager

Art Huerta, Supervisor, Lorrie Prentis, Dispatcher, and Valerie Boothe, Admin Manager

Jesse Martinez, Supervisor, and Karla Schmerber, Customer Service Manager

Pablo Huerta, Supervisor, David Stark, Operations Manager, and Gary Marshall, Warehouse Manager

Dallas, TX

I enjoyed the energy and real life experiences that were shared in the seminar. Ed was very entertaining.
Melissa Tiller, Sales

Jeff Badgett, Sales, and Supervisors Otis Holley and Donnell Jones

Jesse Guzman, Warehouse Manager, Melissa Tiller, Sales, and Pam Miller, Admin Accounting

Woody Clayton, Sales, James Likely, Supervisor, Michele Chancey, Sales, Julio Daconceicao, Operations Manager, and Vickie Hayes, Admin Manager

Wilkes Barre, PA

I wish I had this knowledge when I first started in the moving business 28 years ago. Thanks Ed.
John Renkawitz, Commercial Sales

Absolutely outstanding–Mr. Katz’s teachings were simply put; easy to understand and very useful. Rick Herrinton, General Manager

…the IOMI Seminar … in Wilkes Barre PA was a phenomenal success… It was presented with expertise and received with much eagerness. Rick Herrington, John Renkawitz and Rich Nordheim and all the workers from the Branch obtained much more knowledge in handling this type of move, which will significantly enhance the performance of all future O and I moves at the Wilkes Barre Branch… Definitely a TEAM EFFORT, all were present. Thanks Ed…the guys are still talking here about how all enjoyed the presentation and they said you should be commended on your approach and delivery …All here are better employees due to attending…
Beverly A. Jones, Assistant to the President
Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc.

Phil Nero, Supervisor, Kevin Cordes, Mover, Lou Kaskey, Supervisor, and Andy Stanek, Mover

John Renkawitz, Commercial Sales, Rich Nordheim, Move Coordinator, and Rick Herrington, General Manager

Dennis Neyman, Supervisor, Charlie Corker, Mover and Jay Martindale, Supervisor

Greg Morris, Driver and Dan Dante, Mover

Houston, TX

We thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and the content was outstanding.
Stephen Worsham, General Manager

Jeff Pacely, Supervisor

Ashley Stockwell, Sales, Steve Worsham, GM, and Sam Kemper, Supervisor

Mickey Johnson, Supervisor and Arminio Neumann, Operations Manager

Lois Sassin, Sales, and Julie Meeks, Sales

Richmond, VA

Ed is excellent; he makes the extra effort to make sure what he teaches will sink in. Any moving company that wants to be successful in office moving must go through the IOMI training seminar. Ed Katz is an office moving expert and professional.
Jim Morris, GM, Woodbridge, VA

Ed Katz provided great information that I can share with other company members for years to come.
Geoff Morris, Operations Mgr., Woodbridge, VA

Mr. Katz was awesome! He left no rock unturned and nearly answered all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them. I would attend any other seminar he offered—it was great.
Kristy Baker, Billing Manager, Norfolk, VA

Great seminar! He gives you all of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ you need to know in office moving.
Russell Morris, Sales, Woodbridge, VA

The attention to detail Ed Katz has is unbelievable! The IOMI training truly provides the tools necessary to excel in the O&I market.
Courtney Coe, Sales, Norfolk, VA

Ed is a fantastic communicator—excellent presentation! This was a terrific building block for us to enter the office moving arena.
Bob Neiman, Sales, Woodbridge, VA

“I’d recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to go far in life.
Manuel Lopez, Supervisor/Driver

Bob Broderick, GM, Norfolk, VA, Peter Kon, GM, Carlisle, PA and Jim Morris, GM, Woodbridge, VA

Geoff Morris, Operations Mgr, Woodbridge, VA, Justin Veney, Warehouse Foreman, Woodbridge, VA and Dennis Spidel, Supervisor, Carlisle, PA

Kristy Baker, Billing Mg., Norfolk, VA, Lashawn Boone, Supervisor/Driver, Norfolk, VA, and Russell Morris, Sales, Woodbridge, VA

Courtney Coe, Sales, Norfolk, VA and Bob Neiman, Sales, Woodbridge, VA

Tim Douglas, Supervisor/Driver, Woodbridge, VA, Manuel Lopez, Supervisor/Driver, Woodbridge, VA and Henry Lopez, Supervisor/Driver

Livermore, CA

This was a very worthwhile experience. There was a significant amount of material presented in a very interesting manner.
Ed Loss, Corporate Controller

Mr. Katz’s journey through the IOMI way was exciting and uplifting and stirred up a lot of enthusiasm.
Kim Sechler-Owens, Office Manager

This was a great way to learn a new way thanks to Mr. Katz.
Kelli Maness, Storage & Distribution Administrator

Alex Arsenault, Sales, Oliver Shelley, Supervisor, Ed Loss, Corporate Controller, Bryan Warner, Supervisor, and John Maciejewski, Sales

Casey Engel, Sales, Luis Manjarrez, Supervisor, Kim Sechler-Owens, Office Manager, and Supervisors Gustavo Hernandez, Javier Anguiano, and Vince Vasquez

Ed Katz, IOMI Instructor and Joe Magill, GM

Surprise! Birthday cake for Kim Sechler-Owens as Kelli Maness looks on.

Sarasota, FL

Kenny Speroni, Sales, Steve Gates, Sales Manager, Bill Harrison, Business Development Manager, Howard Ross, Sales, and Ken Speroni, GM

Troy Hunt, Supervisor and Laura Speroni, Customer Service

Supervisors Chris Barbour and Travis Phillips

Eric Helge, Mover/Helper, Ryan Howell, Supervisor, and Scott Howard, Mover/Helper

Carol Quance, Customer Service/Accounting and Chris Ealy, Driver

Ed Katz, IOMI Instructor, and Lance Grooms, Senior VP Sales & Marketing

Thank you … for sharing your knowledge, your time and your humor … We had fun learning and are proud to be IOMI certified.
Laura Speroni, Customer Service

WARRENVILLE, IL OCTOBER 13, 2010 — In 2008, during the worst economic period since the Great Depression, myBekins CEO David Caruso made the strategic decision to invest in the service quality of his growing organization. He created Caruso University, an interactive training center for ongoing instruction in all aspects of commercial moving.

But Caruso’s commitment went beyond the walls of his training center at company’s Office of Administration in Warrenville, IL. He wanted his employees to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and Bekins A-1 Movers, Inc. President Terry Kostoff was among the first to “walk the talk” and earn his diploma last spring. Now, after the latest IOMI® training session at Warrenville, all key corporate managers at Bekins A-1 have raised the quality commitment bar by earning the right to call themselves Certified Office Movers®.

Key employees from the company’s Lake Zurich, IL branch also took part in the training by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). IOMI® training for more Bekins A-1 employees at locations around the country will continue in the coming months.

Pete Chipchase, supervisor, left, and Larry Glass, crew leader from the Lake Zurich branch

Lisa Aubert, director of customer service and Mike Rogers, director of claims, both from corporate

Paul Sowa, GM, Lake Zurich branch, practices IOMI®’s proprietary commercial job estimating formula

Pete Chipchase, Lake Zurich branch supervisor, Phyllis Kennelly, corporate director of safety and compliance, and Donna Quarino, corporate sales consultant take part in role playing during IOMI® training.

Denise Rovetto, customer service specialist, Lake Zurich branch

Dean Quarino, relocation consultant

Denise Quarino, accounting, Lake Zurich branch

Travis Krynski, crew leader, Lake Zurich branch

Mike Rogers, director of claims; Lisa Aubert, director of customer service; Kristen Slama, vice president of human resources and administration; Phyllis Kennelly, director of safety and compliance and Jon Huser, marketing coordinator, all with corporate.

Attendee Comments

Mr. Katz was great…the seminar was outstanding.
Lisa Aubert, Director of Customer Service (Corporate)

Ed’s seminar was understandable, accurate and complete and his antics and humor made it interesting. Donna Quarino, Sales Consultant

The IOMI® certification will increase the value of choosing myBekins.
Jon Huser, Marketing Coordinator (Corporate)

It was wonderful how Ed told real life stories in real world scenarios. He gave us great tools for growth. Denise Rovetto, Customer Service Specialist, Lake Zurich branch

The entire program was a learning experience. You made the three days go by quickly.
Mike Rogers, Director of Claims (Corporate)

The seminar was very beneficial in understanding all aspects of the industry.
Phyllis Kennelly Director of Safety and Compliance (Corporate)

I found myself hanging onto every word Ed Katz said. He made the training fun which I haven’t experienced in quite some time. Well done!
Kristen Slama, Vice President of Human Resources & Administration (Corporate)

My thanks for an enlightening, energetic and informative program.
Paul Sowa, GM, Lake Zurich branch

myBekins Cares

Carolyn Hamrick, director of facilities for Georgia Highlands College in Cartersville, GA, gives Bekins A-1 a big thumbs up for protecting elevator lobby entrances with Mat-A-Doors® during a move.

This set of patented doorway protectors with its “myBekins Cares” decal belongs to Bekins A-1 Atlanta, the first Bekins A-1 branch to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers® and now the first to take Bekins A-1 service quality to the next level by offering Mat-A-Door® protection to commercial customers.

myBekins hits jackpot

LAS VEGAS, NV SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2010 — Bekins A-1 is the first Nevada moving company to become an IOMI® Certified Office Mover®. Employees at the Las Vegas company, which is part of the myBekins group, completed three days of intense IOMI® training to earn certification.

“It was incredibly successful, myBekins hits the jackpot,” said Ed Katz, training instructor for the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). “The skill, knowledge and experience of our Las Vegas trainees were very high. I was very impressed with all of them.

[L-R] David Chorn, Warehouse Manager, Jessie Ruiz, Supervisor and Fernando Hernandez, Mover

[L-R] Lucio Hernandez, Driver, Mike Allen, Driver, Eliseo “Al” Uriarte, Mover, Fernando Hernandez, Mover, and Jessie Ruiz, Supervisor

Bruce Green, Account Executive

Martin Garciaguirre, Driver

Mike Allen, Driver

“Little Girl”

Lucio Hernandez, Supervisor

GM Nicole Timberlake and IOMI® Trainer Ed Katz

Mike Vreeland, Relocation Specialist

Jessie Ruiz, Supervisor

Attendee Comments

I loved learning the estimating formula.
Jessie Ruiz, Supervisor

I’d like to adopt everything that I learned in the seminar.
Lucio Hernandez, Supervisor

Ed is a great guy! His training will make my job much safer and easier.
Martin Garciaguirre, Driver

The seminar was very informative, had high energy and was lots of fun. Kudos to Ed Katz.
Bruce Green, Account Executive

IOMI Certification enables our company to provide even better estimating and service to our customers.
Nicole Timberlake, General Manager

IOMI training provides excellent tools to adopt for office moving.
David Chorn, Warehouse Manager

Ed’s seminar was interesting and enjoyable to attend.
Roger Leavitt, Supervisor

Selling Value Over Price

JUNE 8, 2010 – myBekins is on its way to becoming Certified Office Movers in nearly every major U.S. market. Since training by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI) began in April, all key employees at myBekins’ locations in Georgia, Southern California and Arizona have become certified. Training for other company locations is in the planning stages.

“Coupled with a commitment by myBekins corporate to supply tools to adopt and implement what they’ve learned, IOMI Certification means branches can now sell value and not just a competitive price,” said Lance Grooms, corporate senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Grooms, myBekins President Terry Kostkoff, and Jim Jentges, commercial division vice president, all completed the three-day IOMI training. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I attended our company’s first IOMI training seminar in Atlanta to demonstrate our commitment to our sales, operations, administrative and customer service personnel and to our customers to adopt and implement IOMI’s best-practice methods for office moves,” Kostoff said.

Other key personnel to become IOMI Certified include general managers, sales, operations, customer service, administrative, select contractors and hourly supervisors.

Instead of basing office move estimates on weight, myBekins now uses IOMI’s proprietary formula to accurately estimate the number of men and trucks for how long. Customers benefit because moves finish on time for the price quoted with greater reliability.

IOMI training features green-conscious, best-practice methods to minimize the negative impact of office moves on the environment. Instead of felling trees and filling landfills with cardboard to protect elevator entrances and main office building doors, myBekins now relies on reusable Mat-A-Doors®, vinyl-covered door-size panels that offer superior protection over cardboard.

As IOMI Certified Office Movers, Mat-A-Doors® are just one tool myBekins will use to woo building managers by protecting their property from being damaged, disrupted or trashed. The company also pledges to look after buildings in other ways such as not blocking traffic or leaving behind food wrappers.

“IOMI Certified Office Movers see themselves as guests in the landlord’s house. By acting in a professional manner, myBekins will earn recommendations from building managers for future moves,” said Ed Katz, training instructor and head of IOMI.

Josh Hill, loader

Loquan Holliman, driver, and Thomas Hines, warehouse manager

Patricia Rivera, office manager

Terry Kostoff, president

Jay McConnell, GM, Atlanta

Ed Katz, IOMI trainer

(L-R) Jeremy Turner, supervisor; Josh Hill, loader; Jay McConnell, GM; “Guy” Landreneau, supervisor; Thomas Hines, warehouse manager; Loquan Holliman, driver

(L-R) Clarence Butler, sales; Joel Amantine, supervisor; Efrian Fuentes, supervisor; Tom Mitchell, sales

(L-R) David Kraker, sales; Richard Beharry, sales; Honey Bergen, dispatch manager; Terri Miller, sales

Gray Rhymer and Ray Moore, relocation consultants

Chris Fultz, vice president

Sal Salina, foreman

Scott Harvey, general manager

Lanette Heagney, admin manager

(L-R) Dale Fisher, supervisor; Woody Woolwine, sales; Earl Roman, driver; and John Cova, supervisor

IOMI Trainer Ed Katz and Senior Vice President Lance Grooms

(L-R) Driver Foremen Lorenzo Flores and Tyson Crawford

David Doyle, sales

Gene Salaz, business development, and Mark Ellis, contractor

Rey Fountain and Dan Dunphy, supervisor

(L-R) David Hulbert, sales; Nancy Chatelain, sales; Andi McPherson, O & I sales manager; Joe Hansard, GM

(L-R) Chris Fultz, vice president and Tom Smith, operations manager

Fabio Mazzarelli, sales

Jim Jentges, vice president, Commercial Division, and Bob Watson, GM

(L-R) Jeff Henderson, operations manager; Mike Marr, business development manager; Ralph Lopez, crew leader; Ezequiel Garcia, warehouse supervisor

Mike Marr, business development manager

Gary Bell, sales

(L-R) IOMI Trainer Ed Katz, Lance Grooms, senior vice president, Chris Fultz, vice president, Scott Harvey and David Lamb, general managers

Attendee Comments

Ed is wonderful—Very thorough, patient, humorous; but above all, talented and knowledgeable. Ed’s techniques will make our branch run smoother because everyone is now on the same page.
Gray Rhymer, Relocation Consultant

In the 15 years of my being in the moving industry, no one has been willing (or able) to teach a method for accurately estimating office moves. I’m glad they didn’t because now I’ve learned the right way!
Ray Moore, Relocation Consultant

Thanks for all your hard work delivering our IOMI training. We enjoyed it.
Chris Fultz, Vice President

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar.
Mike Marr, Business Development Manager

IOMI training is engaging and intensive.
Terry Kostoff, President

This was a great class. It gave me the tools I need to improve the way I manage a move.
Josh Hivko, Operations Manager

Change is wonderful; out with the old school hard way and in with the new smart way of doing moves right.
Thomas Hines, Warehouse Manager

As Ed is training our key employees at all of our branches, it’s exciting to see our operations, sales, accounting, customer service and management groups working together in unison to adopt and implement the best practice IOMI methods for the successful growth of our commercial office moving division.
Lance Grooms, Senior Vice President

Ed was great! He was very entertaining!!
Nancy Chatelain, Sales

The past three days of this seminar made me look at my job in a better way.
Tyson Crawford, Supervisor

Ed was an expert in every aspect of commercial moving.
Dan Dunphy

If our customers give us just 1% of their trust, we’ll now be able to earn the other 99% as IOMI Certified Office Movers.
Sal Salinas, Driver Foreman

Ed is a great presenter and passed on a huge amount of information that is very useful.
David Lamb, General Manager

I would recommend Mr. Katz’ seminar to anyone who would like to specialize in office moving.
Gary Bell, Sales

After taking the IOMI seminar, I now feel armed with the knowledge and best practice methods that will give us a huge advantage over the competition.
David Doyle, Sales

As a loader, I am so glad that I took Ed’s seminar. I, too, learned how to estimate accurately so that we can ensure that our moves finish on time.
Josh Hill, Loader

… thank you…I found the training to be very insightful. We will be utilizing most if not all of your techniques here in Atlanta.
Jay McConnell, General Manager

I was very happy with Ed’s seminar…he kept the staff very interested and involved.
Jim Jentges, Vice President, Commercial Division