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Space Gobblers™

Inflate reusable, long-lasting Space Gobblers™ in desk drawers, flat files, and over warehoused small parts bins and solve your customers’ worst nightmare. Eliminate emptying drawers, packing, labeling boxes, and taping them shut.

Space Gobblers™ quickly inflate with a portable air blower, gobbling up space around lose items to immobilize them. Desks and flat file cabinets can be tipped on end and dollied away and warehouse shelving full of small parts bins can be moved as a single unit.

No unpacking either, simply deflate Space Gobblers™ at the destination.

Combine Space Gobbers™ with the patented Spider Crane® System and give your customers a no-hassel, money-saving, time-saving “boxless” move.

4 Benefits to More Profitable Business

1. No packing. No unpacking. No downtime.

What’s better than saving your customers the drudgery of emptying desk drawers, flat files, and small parts bins? The dollars they save in nonproduction employee downtime. Since employees don’t stop to pack and unpack, they keep working and your customer stays in business. It’s all the justification your customer needs to not hire a lower-priced mover.

2. No disruption.

Items, files, and parts are accessible practically up to the moment they’re rolled out the door.

3. Nothing lost or mixed up.

In the new location everything is immediately accessible just as the customer left them.

Tools for your move project

Place Space Gobbler™ on top of and behind desk drawer contents.

Moving office checklist template

Attach the inflator to the valve and inflate the bag with air.

business relocation checklist

Close the valve and close the drawer.

Flat Files
Instead of packing Mylar prints from blue print file cabinets into cardboard cartons, green-conscious movers transport them inside the file cabinets by securing the contents with inflated Space Gobblers™.

Relocation project managersSmall Parts Bins
Warehouse shelving full of small, lightweight parts bins is an ideal candidate for moving intact using pillow-like Space Gobblers™ and stretchwrap to hold bins in place. This shelving unit is ready to be stretchwrapped.

4. Solve rather than cause environmental problems.

• Reusable Space Gobblers™ are made of tough, long-lasting PVC.
• Not having to pack the contents of desk drawers, flat files, and small parts bins reduces the need for boxes and other packing materials, so less winds up in the landfills.
• Moving the contents in the furniture rather than the contents and the furniture reduces volume, which means fewer truck loads and, therefore, less fuel used and pollutants emitted.
• Built-in sustainability ensures continued use will have no long-term effect on the environment.