GRAEBEL first with uniform office relocations nationwide

MAY 29, 2007 – A national moving company has become the first to offer uniform office moves coast to coast.

GRAEBEL based in Aurora, CO has implemented what they’re calling “best practice methods” designed to minimize the risk of damage to office furniture, computers, and building surfaces in every major U.S. market. The company hopes to parlay their ability to offer uniform standards nationwide into a bigger slice of the national accounts business.

The move comes after six months of training resulting in every key GRAEBEL employee of every branch nationwide earning a Certified Mover diploma from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®).

“We’re committed to providing the same degree of consistent service regardless of which of our 52 locations customers contact,” said Chris Kline, GRAEBEL senior vice president.

GRAEBEL goes green.

How to load a moving truck?

GRAEBEL protects computer components with two layers of reusable bubblewrap.

GRAEBEL’s best practice methods includes the green-conscious protection of computer components with two layers of reusable bubblewrap.

Some GRAEBEL markets also offers The Boxless Move® to minimize nonproductive time companies spend packing and unpacking before and after relocating. Boxless Moves® need less packing materials and fewer truck loads, saving both landfill space and fuel.

Door cover from Matadoors

Reusable Mat-A-®Door® panels minimize the risk of damage to office furniture and building surfaces and produce no disposable waste.

GRAEBEL protects building surfaces with a green-tech device called a Mat-A-Door® to minimize risk of damage and the negative impact that moves have on the environment.

The reusable, vinyl-covered door-size panels offer superior protection over cardboard, which most movers use and then discard after each job.

| The IOMI® Experience | ReloStrategy, Inc./Atlanta |

moving consultant

Tobin and Micki Genung launch project management company, ReloStrategy, Inc. based in metro Atlanta.

Rule of ReloStrategy: Deliver a better way
Micki Genung’s “customer first” reputation as one of the nation’s top furniture specifiers and interior designers led to the launch of ReloStrategy in 2004. Husband Tobin joined the company last fall, and the couple moved operations to metro Atlanta in January.

ReloStrategy, Inc. provides a team of project management experts to companies planning a relocation.

Micki began in interior design and later assumed a project management role at a large furniture dealer, where she headed the design and project management department, overseeing 16 designers. She joined a global real estate firm in 2000 as director of interiors, serving customers nationwide.

Micki earned her degree in interior design from Purdue University and Certified Project Manager designation from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). She is a member of the International Interior Design Association.

Tobin Genung’s career in the relocation industry began as a project manager for a large commercial mover. Later, he was promoted to operations manager. Tobin also served as vice president of relocation services for a global commercial real estate company.

Tobin is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer as well as an IOMI® Certified Project Manager®.

ReloStrategy, Inc. offers project management services in space planning and design, technology coordination, furniture specification and procurement, project planning and implementation, and move management.