| The IOMI® Experience | Trammell Crow Company/Washington DC |

Washington DC/July 9-10, 2003 — Trammell Crow Company, headquartered in Dallas, TX, maintains the largest network of professional project managers in North America. With more than 600 project managers, Trammell Crow ensures consistent service delivery using their own proven processes documented in what they call their best practices playbook or office relocation project plan.

office move project manager

IOMI’s Ed Katz grills Trammell Crow project management executives and office move project managers in service branding, accurate estimating, and preparing a detailed Scope of Services to ensure moving company sales promises mirror operational performance.

business moving checklist template

Seminar attendees included (L-R) Jeff Swanson, senior project manager, Selena Williams, director of business development, Matt Weko, senior project manager from Trammell Crow’s Philadelphia, PA office, Tobin Genung, VP Operations, and Chris Grinsted, project manager.

office relocation project management

During a lunch break, Ed Katz of IOMI challenges some of his Trammel Crow students in an informal brainstorming session on office relocation project management  in front of the B&O Canal in Georgetown, Washington, DC. (L-R) Katz, Tobin Genung, Miles Harrison, John Bates, Chris Grinsted, Matt Weko, Jeff Swanson, and John Burton.

business moving checklist 

Tobin Genung, VP of Operations, left, and John Burton, Senior VP Relocation Services, Trammell Crow Company, Washington D.C.

business relocation movers

Tobin Genung, left, and Chris Grinsted, project manager, Corporate Relocations, from Trammell Crow’s Los Angeles, CA office, find plenty to ponder during the two-day IOMI seminar.

Moving Books

IOMI’s Ed Katz uses a deflated sample to introduce Senior Project Manager Jeff Swanson to the benefits of Space Gobblers™.

International moving services 

Trammell Crow’s Micki Genung, director of interiors, and John Burton, Senior VP Relocation Services, participate in a class discussion during IOMI project management training.

Comments from Attendees
I always saw it from the mover’s perspective–Now I see it from Trammell Crow’s perspective. The cheapest way is not always the best. If you buy only price, what’s it ultimately going to cost you?
John Burton, Vice President Relocation Services

We learned a lot about collaborative partnering–You get a better result when everyone is galvanized by focusing on the same goal.
Selena Williams, Director of Business Development

I learned to congeal the bits and pieces that I knew–It’s now seamless. I also have a better appreciation of what movers go through. This knowledge will make me more effective as a project manager. And most of all, I learned how important it is to become uniquely known for solving our customers’ worst problems.
Chris Grinsted, Project Manager, Glendale, CA

We’ll all be able to take what we learned from this seminar and educate our service providers so that we can raise the level of service that our customers receive.
Tobin Genung, Vice President Operations

I’ll take more back to my group [in Philadelphia] than they ever thought.
Matt Weko, Senior Project Manager, Philadelphia, PA

One of the great things that I learned during your seminar is that we need to partner with our service providers and not have an adversarial, confrontational relationship with them.
Jeff Swanson, Senior Project Manager

Ed . . . thank you for sharing your knowledge . . . I will take the lessons that I have learned and apply them to my Coast Guard move on 08/01/2003 . . . I have a feeling that I learned more than anyone else.
John Bates, Project Manager