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Tim Martin, right, president and owner of Wald Relocation Services, Ltd. shows Ed Katz the new IOMI® Certified Mover® decal recently applied to all vehicles owned by the Houston, TX-based Mayflower agent. Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), was back at Wald’s Houston facility for more Certified Mover® training.

Certified and proud of it

MARCH 19 – 20, 2009 HOUSTON, TX — When Tim Martin of Wald Relocation Services decided to become an IOMI® Certified Mover®, he made a committment to best-practice techniques which provide superior customer service, result in fewer damage and Workers’ Comp claims, and are earth-friendly.

Once Martin committed to becoming an IOMI® Certified Mover® he was ready to investment in the employee training and highly specialized equipment that would differientiate Wald Relocation Services from the competition.

After Wald employees received their Certified Mover® certificates on the last day of 2008, they were eager to give customers a better office move.

Wald purchased a large number of Mat-A-Doors® to protect elevator entrances and main entrance doors, they bought Space Gobblers™ and a Spider Crane® and began offering earth-friendly Boxless Moves®, and now wrap every monitor, printer, and computer with two layers of antistatic protection.

To top it off, Wald proudly announced their status as an IOMI® Certified Mover® with decals on all vehicles.

IOMI® Instructor Ed Katz shows Wald movers and sales personnel how to use their new Space Gobblers™, part of Wald’s Boxless Move® method of safely moving desks and blue print file cabinets fully loaded.

Wald mover practices using Space Gobblers™ on a typical office desk then shrinkwraps it for a move.

Wald move crews learn to operate the company’s brand new Spider Crane®, a powerful tool in their Green Office Moves offering.

The Spider Crane® moves fully loaded lateral file cabinets and is a key component in Wald’s earth-friendly Boxless Move®. Spider Crane® and Space Gobblers™ eliminate the need to use cardboard boxes for desk contents, blueprint file cabinets, and lateral file cabinets. No cardboard means fewer trees being felled and fewer landfills being filled. Since the contents remain intact, Wald moves less volume, which equates to fewer truckloads and less fossil fuel being burned.

Wald’s sales staff admires a set of the company’s Mat-A-Doors® strapped to a typical office building glass entryway. [L-R] Judy Malone, Mark Huff, Gary Aug and Rob Clark can’t wait to show customers and prospects Wald’s commitment to protecting office buildings from being damaged during a move.

Tim Martin, president and owner of Wald Relocation Services, Ltd. in Houston, TX, with one of his several new moving vans customized specifically for office moves.

Wald’s New Year’s Resolution for 2009

DECEMBER 29 – 31, 2008 HOUSTON, TX — As 2008 rapidly drew to a close, some in the moving industry were not sorry to see it go. With a shattered real estate market at the head of a national economy in an uncontrolled death spiral, ripping the last page from the calendar would at least make things feel better.

Tim Martin looked at 2009 differently. For the president and owner of Wald Relocation Services, Ltd. it was time to dig in, not retreat. When it would be much easier to shrink and wait, Tim Martin’s New Year’s Resolution is to blossom.

So, with but three days remaining in the year, Martin called all of his key employees together for IOMI® Certified Mover® Training. Held at Wald’s magnificent facility in Houston, TX, sales, operations, logistics, and customer service personnel discovered best-practice methods that prompted one student to remark that office moving now makes sense.

Sabas Valdez, supervisor, left, and Eduardo Aguilera, dispatcher

[L-R] Rob Clark, sales manager, Josephine Dolan, logistics coordinator, and Tim Martin, Wald president and owner

Dana Curbo, logistics coordinator

During a role-playing session on the best-practice methods for running an office move, [L-R] Josephine Dolan, logistics coordinator, and Judy Malone, customer service rep, pretend to be customers with real-life Wald Supervisor Jose Alonso.

Brian Tumlinson, sales

Rob Clark, sales manager, learns the IOMI® proprietary estimating formula, where cost is based on man-hours instead of weight.

Tim Martin, right, generously presents IOMI® Instructor Ed Katz with an official Wald uniform.

Gary Aug, sales, practices the IOMI® proprietary estimating formula.

During three days of training, gracious host Tim Martin generously sprung for meals catered by Papa’s World Famous Barbeque. After many “feedings,” IOMI® Instructor Ed Katz admits wearing extra pounds around the middle on his return flight to Atlanta.

Raphael Alverado, supervisor

Gary Aug, sales, and Christine Weyand, customer service rep

Rob Clark, sales manager

Eduardo Aguilera, dispatcher, shows off one of Wald’s “first class” vehicles, which Wald uses to transport its most important resources – its trained professional movers – to and from an office move when there are more movers than can safely ride in the moving vans.

Judy Malone, customer service manager.

After passing IOMI’s rigorous final exam, Instructor Ed Katz, left, and Wald President Tim Martin, center, present Eduardo Aguilera, dispatcher, with his IOMI® Certified Mover® diploma.

With the addition of several hundred four-wheel dollies to his already large volume of equipment, Tim Martin, president and owner, can implement the IOMI® best-practice method of keeping furniture on the dolly during transport and avoid the common double handling process of undollying once in the truck and dollying up again to move furniture off the truck.

Attendee Comments

I am excited to see and use the Spider Crane and Space Gobblers. After going through IOMI Certification I am confident myself and our office can handle any office relocation.
Rob M. Clark

For your best move, pick the IOMI Certified crew!
Josephine Dolan

…the class was very productive and interesting.
Brian Tumlinson

Ed Katz has given us a more effective way of estimating an office move so we may finish on time for the price quoted.
Gary Aug

Our company is providing training to improve our opportunities of being the best in the industry. The class was full of ideas that we can implement. Some of the topics our boss had stressed … reinforce those ideas …
Judith Malone

After listening to Ed Katz, office moving now makes sense!
Dana Curbow