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Finance & Spotlights Suddath and IOMI®

What’s the best way to find a reliable office moving company? How do you know you’re hiring the best? Finance & posed those questions and more to Mike Nash, president and general manager of Suddath Relocation Systems of Eden Prairie, Minn., and to Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) in Mississippi.

In a May 24, 2016, online article entitled “Handling office relocations with care,” Nash and Katz offered the following tips just to get started:

If your company is buying new furniture and changing its office configuration, start planning 12-18 months in advance.
Ask building managers at both ends of your move to recommend moving companies.
Solicit bids from at least three companies.
Instead of asking for references, request contact information for the last five office moves the company performed.

See all their recommendations, including tips on estimates, pricing, equipment protection and movement, crew supervision and more. Read the full article here.

New device moves heavy files, reduces Workers’ Comp cost

APRIL 20, 2012 — The cry for relief from Workers’ Comp claims has been heard and the answer is >>>click here for full story

Office moving service provide protection for doors, like door pads

Brett Koutnik, CPM, CCIM, RPA senior property manager of Colonial Properties Trust, protects the front doors of Ravinia 3 in Atlanta with Mat-A-Doors®.

Beware of household movers surviving on office relocations

MARCH 13, 2012 — Noticed the quality of office moving services in the past year? Maybe you’ve experienced the worsening condition firsthand when moves didn’t finish on-time and your building was damaged.

Why are office relocations becoming a nightmare? The main culprit is the sub-prime mortgage crisis that’s forcing many movers to diversify into office moving to survive. Unfortunately, many of these neophytes have no formal training in a business that’s totally different from their residential moves. The result? Jobs take much longer than estimated.

“Your typical residential movers doesn’t know how to transport computers safely or protect office building walls, doors, floors, and elevators from damage. They learn the pitfalls of commercial moves on the job and at the expense of both the customer and his or her landlord,” says Ed Katz, president of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®).

Obligated to all tenants, property managers are often seen as the enemy when there is a problem on a move. So, who’s really to blame on Monday morning when the building manager refuses to let the mover finish what he failed to complete over the weekend, as promised, because he underestimated the job?

“It’s my responsibility to protect the building assets, prevent disruption and damage, and look out for the welfare of all of our clients who are our tenants,” says Brett Koutnik, senior property manager, Colonial Properties Trust in Atlanta. He offers a strategy to help prevent problems later.

“Before the move, we communicate with both the tenant and the mover, review the move schedule, ensure that the mover has adequate insurance, and that he agrees in writing to follow our building rules and regulations including the hours and days when they can and cannot perform the move.”

To minimize the risk of damage to elevator lobbies and main building entrance doors during relocations, some property managers literally arm their buildings against movers and other contractors with a device called a Mat-A-Door®.

When attached to lobby-side frames of a passenger elevator that’s also used to haul freight during a move, these vinyl-
covered plastic and foam-lined panels protect elevator jambs and adjacent walls by repelling blunt forces like the ones caused by movers and contractors. They’re used to protect main glass lobby entrance doors, too.

“We use our Mat-A-Doors® on our low-rise building,” says Jim Maher, executive vice president of Colonial Properties Trust. “Our swing elevators are highly susceptible to damage and these portable pads are simple, fast, easy to set up, and work well for us. In the past, before we used the device, we were repairing our elevators on a regular basis.”

Moving & Handling Training for Office Moves Protect Elevators with Elevator pads
Jim Maher, Jr., executive vice president, Colonial Properties Trust, attaches a set of Mat-A-Doors® to a passenger elevator in Ravinia 3 in Atlanta, GA

Vic’s wins Angie’s List Super Service – again!

FEBRUARY 20, 2012 – Vic’s Moving and Storage has accomplished the almost impossible feat of winning Angie’s List Super Service Award for the second time in three years. Vic’s, which earned the honor for 2011, also won the prestigous award for 2009.

Less than three percent of companies nationwide are eligible for Angie’s List Super Service Award, which is based on the number of reports and the grade that each person gives the service.

Vic’s Moving & Storage serves the Kansas City market and became an IOMI® Certified Office Mover® in 2003. Angie’s List tracks customer reviews for a wide variety of services.

Move Training & Certification

DC Water facilities personnel learn the best way to dolly a file cabinet. Onsite training of in-house move crews is provided by the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), which plans to launch an online version of its one-of-a-kind training in 2012. Learn more about training for your in-house crew.

District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority

DC Water minimizes move damage

JUNE 24, 2011 WASHINGTON, DC — DC Water facilities personnel participated in a one-day operations seminar concentrating on the best-practice methods to minimize the risk of damage to furniture, computers and office buildings.

The event, conducted by Instructor Ed Katz of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), also provided guidelines for professional conduct when dealing with their client/employees on the job.

Response to the training by crew members was evident on their faces as they received their IOMI® Certified Office Mover® diplomas.

“Ed, I am amazed how much you motivated my people to learn the IOMI® best practice techniques and methods,” said Gus Catalan, building, grounds, facilities and security foreman.

Building management training for office moves

Johns Hopkins in-house crew earns Certified Office Mover® diploma

JUNE 2, 2011 LAUREL, MD — Facilities personnel at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory earned their Certified Office Mover® diploma after completing a one-day course designed for in-house move crews. Students learned best-practice methods from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) to minimize the risk of damage to furniture, computers and building surfaces including floors, walls, doors and elevators. Training also covered customer service and professional conduct on the job.

. . . training was great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about the moving industry.

Laura D. Mickey
Section Supervisor
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Consultant’s professionalism makes life easier for UCI

AUG 18-20, 2010 NORCROSS, GA – When you’re a supplier to the nuclear power industry, you can’t afford for your move consultant to suffer a meltdown.

United Controls International (UCI) selected Ed Katz to coordinate moving their laboratory, warehouse, and offices, and couldn’t be happier.

Katz hired Peachtree Movers of Atlanta for the three days and 20 truckloads required to relocate UCI’s 35 employees a few miles to their new building.

Rob Hale, UCI owner and president, calls Katz the consummate professional.

“You made life a lot easier for the rest of us and it was fun having you around. I would highly recommend your services,” Hale told Katz afterward.

Katz is the founder and former owner of Peachtree Movers. After selling the company in 2000, he established the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) to train moving companies in methods and techniques unique to business relocations.

moving and handling techniques

Everyone pitches in on move day at United Controls International. June Margiotta, controller

Manual handling risk assessment for office movers

Rob Hale, owner and president

Training for moving companies

Luis Sanchez, chief operating officer

Success of massive relocation earns consultant high praise from ViaSat

Seventy thousand square feet of office space and a like number in their warehouse sent ViaSat looking for help when it was time to move. According to company officials, of those interviewed, Ed Katz of the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®) proved to be the most experienced and the best value.

Manual handling regulations you need to know

Two hundred truck loads and 10 miles later, the satellite dish manufacturer’s metro Atlanta move went so well, Katz was presented with an award “in recognition and appreciation” of his contribution.

Top movers get customer service training


July 31, 2009 KANSAS CITY, MO – Vic’s Moving & Storage, an IOMI® Certified Office Mover®, was voted top local Kansas City moving company in 2008 by the public and joins KMBC-TV’s Best of Kansas City’s A-List.

The residential and commercial mover beat out all other Kansas City moving companies when almost 13,000 ballots were cast. Voting was handled by City Voter, a national rating website where consumers have their say about local services.

Vic’s earned its Certified Office Mover® designation from the International Office Moving Insitute (IOMI®) in 2003 and offers the total Boxless Move® featuring no-packing-no-unpacking of office desks and lateral file cabinets.

Manual handling training for business moving companies
Office relocation information and manual handling techniques

Manual handling training for business moving companies

Ask your mover

Repairs to building surfaces are a hassle. Ask your mover how they will protect your walls. Find out if they have manual handling training. Painter’s tape, no matter what color it is, will damage dry wall. IOMI® Certified Office Movers® protect walls during your move without damaging them in the process. Click here for a list of IOMI® Certified Office Movers® to bid on your job.

Sub-prime crisis forces some movers to offer new service

By Ed Katz

DECEMBER 19, 2007 — The sub-prime mortgage crisis and its negative effect on home sales is forcing many movers to offer office moving services to stay afloat. According to Linda Darr, new president and CEO of the American Moving & Storage Association, C.O.D. residential revenue is down by nearly 10 percent for the first nine months of 2007 compared to the same period last year.

Jack McGrath, director of the Pennsylvania Moving & Storage Associates notes that military moving revenue is down 23 percent compared to last year.

“Movers are jumping into the office moving arena with little or no training in order to survive this downturn,” said McGrath.

“Companies hiring movers and office building managers need to know that the trend pointsto the potential for lower quality and higher incidents of damage,” said Ed Katz, head of the International Office Moving Institute.

“Though many movers successfully accomplish both household moves and business moves, the two are nothing alike. For example, a household mover would not necessarily know how to transport computers safely or protect office building walls, doors, floors, and elevators from being damaged. These neophyte office movers are often learning the pitfalls of commercial moves at the expense of both the customer and his landlord,” said Katz.

According to the former member of the Atlanta chapter of BOMA, the Building Owners & Managers Association, building managers face their own pressures from eroding occupancy.

“When inexperienced movers trash their buildings, it only gives tenants another excuse to look elsewhere for space,“ Katz said.

GRAEBEL first with uniform office relocations nationwide

MAY 29, 2007 – A national moving company has become the first to offer uniform office moves coast to coast.

GRAEBEL based in Aurora, CO has implemented what they’re calling “best practice methods” designed to minimize the risk of damage to office furniture, computers, and building surfaces in every major U.S. market. The company hopes to parlay their ability to offer uniform standards nationwide into a bigger slice of the national accounts business.

The move comes after six months of training resulting in every key GRAEBEL employee of every branch nationwide earning a Certified Mover diploma from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®).

“We’re committed to providing the same degree of consistent service regardless of which of our 52 locations customers contact,” said Chris Kline, GRAEBEL senior vice president.

GRAEBEL goes green.

GRAEBEL’s “best practice methods” includes the green-conscious protection of computer components with two layers of reusable bubblewrap.

Some GRAEBEL markets also offer “boxless moves” to minimize nonproductive time companies spend packing and unpacking before and after relocating. “Boxless moves” need less packing materials and fewer truck loads, which saves fuel.

GRAEBEL protects building surfaces with a green-tech device called a Mat-A-Door® to minimize risk of damage and the negative impact that moves have on the environment.

The reusable, vinyl-covered door-size panels offer superior protection over cardboard, which most movers use and then discard after each job.

Instead of basing estimates on weight, which is customary for figuring the cost to move household goods, GRAEBEL uses IOMI’s proprietary formula. Customers benefit because moves can now finish on time for the price quoted with greater reliability.

IOMI certification means that GRAEBEL can now sell value instead of price.

“GRAEBEL is positioned to seize an opportunity in local office moving,” said Ed Katz, head of IOMI and internationally recognized as the expert in office moves. He also holds several patents on building protection equipment.

The company hopes to woo building manager approval by pledging to look after their property in other ways such as not blocking traffic or leaving behind food wrappers.

“As Certified Office Movers, GRAEBEL is the only national moving company that is required to send proof to property managers that they protected their buildings from being damaged, disrupted or trashed,” said Katz.

IOMI will monitor all 52 GRAEBEL locations for service standards and consistency for the next two years.

“Each branch of the company will be independently audited to make sure services delivered to the customer match those promised,” Katz said.

professional moving companies know how to protect your computers and components

GRAEBEL protects computer components with two layers of reusable bubblewrap.

Moving and handling techniques that protect office doors

Reusable Mat-A-Door® door panels minimize the risk of damage to office furniture and building surfaces and produce no disposable waste.

TIP: Green Office Moves

The truth about Plastic Carts

In function, the plastic cart serves the same purposes as wooden and metal carts—to transport library books and files from one location to another. But that’s all that it has in common with its metal and wooden cousins.

material handling carts

Since plastic carts have so many benefits over wooden and metal ones, ask your mover to use them on your next move.

Because the plastic cart folds in half when it’s not carrying a load, it can save you 50 percent of the cost of delivering empty carts to your present location and another 50 percent of the pickup charge at the end of your move. The cart virtually requires half the number of truckloads as well as half the number of elevator trips. For your company’s green initiative program, fewer truckloads equates to less consumption and burning of fossil fuel.

Another uncommon feature of the plastic cart is its curved and rounded edges, which reduce the risk of damage to walls, doors, and elevators and lessens the possibility of injury to workers. Unlike wooden and metal carts, the plastic cart is made of smooth polypropylene, so no chance of splinters.

Finally, plastic carts are impervious to moisture and insect infestation, which can be a problem with wooden carts, and they’re easy to wash and keep clean.

Movers can purchase them from Samson Carts, 847.818.8977 or rent them from Crate Xpress at 877.438.2971.

Safe moving and handling techniques

furniture moving equipment

Moving Your Library

Preparing for your move by packing books in boxes renders them useless until after the move. Ask your mover for library book bins. Books can be transferred to book bins well before the move and are accessible practically up to the minute bins is rolled out the door. On move day, bins are shrinkwrapped to keep books from falling out and loaded onto a dolly for easy, damage-proof transporting.

Planning a move? Get a business relocation plan

Help Over The Phone

Are you getting your money’s worth? Could you use a degree of objectivity to smooth the vendor selection process? The answers are just a phone call away with Consumer Advocate Consulting services from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®). Minimize your risk of damage to furniture and electronic equipment, and to the buildings you’re moving from and to. Minimize nonproductive downtime spent preparing for your move and setting up afterwards. And help ensure your move completes on time for the price quoted.

Which one do you need?
• Project manager
• Relocation or move consultant
• Consumer advocate

Good question. And this is the only place in the world where you’ll find an answer.

Since the terms “project manager” and “relocation” or “move consultant” are often used loosely within the industry, it’s better to know the services available from potential candidate firms, decide which services you need help with, and then find companies that will deliver.

During the vendor selection process, call 404.358.2172 for IOMI’s® Consumer Advocate Consultant to help your move team quickly sort through offerings and determine best value based on your company’s unique needs.

Consumer Advocate Consulting available by phone Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.

$200 a hour, 15-minute minimum. Pay by credit card.

Relocation Consultant-Atlanta Area

A typical office move is full of unforeseen pitfalls. If you can’t afford the downtime from a move that doesn’t finish on time or the financial uncertainty of an unguaranteed moving company quote, you need Relocation Consultant Services from the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®).

Now serving the metro-Atlanta area, our consultant, Ed Katz, brings to small operations big-company services without the big price tag. Katz, founder of Peachtree Movers, ran Atlanta’s premier office mover for 24 years before selling the company in 2000. He wrote the book – literally – on office moving. Three of them; Commericial Relocation: A Comprehensive Guide for Service Buyers and Industry Professionals, Office Moving for Movers, and Moving Your Business (Without Becoming a Moving Target). Now he’s available to direct your Atlanta-area move.

Minimize disruption, damage, and downtime. Set standards for the mover to protect your property and the building you’re moving from and to, and supervise the mover to increase your odds of your move finishing on time for the price quoted.

• Realistic, independent move labor estimate
• Request bids from qualified moving companies
• Present move bids for your objective evaluation
• Assist in project management
• Teach employees how to pack and label
• Hold the mover accountable to minimize the risk of the move not finishing on time.
• Audit the moving company bill

Call 404.358.2172


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Inhouse: Johns Hopkins inhouse crew earns Certified Office Mover® diploma

Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Melbourne, Los Angles, and San Jose, Milwaukee: IOMI® training unites Suddath & Barrett

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Stevens Worldwide Van Lines gets away to think.

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Houston: Wald Relocation Services is Certified and proud of it

USA: IOMI® training keeps Graebel perfectly positioned.

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Chicago: Midwest Moving & Storage is Recertified, rejuvenated, and handling customers with care.

Pittsburgh: South Hills Movers passes Certified Office Mover® Recertification.

Kansas City: Chicago Title demands “boxless” move, and gets it from Vic’s Moving & Storage.

Worldwide: Green Initiative: Tools to Meet The Trend Toward Green Office Moves


New device moves heavy files, reduces Workers’ Comp cost
APRIL 20, 2012 — The cry for relief from Workers’ Comp claims has been heard and the answer is >>>click here for the full story

12 Steps to a Successful Office Move [PDF]

404.358.2172 for a smooth office move.

In-house move crew training

Click here for an IOMI® Certified Office Mover® in your area.

Boxless Move? Things to consider when moving offices

Certfied Office Relocation and Movers
Office relocation plan for Certified Project Managers

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“Few brokers in Atlanta commercial real estate have the sterling reputation of Sam Friedman at AFCO. He’s honest, passionate, and never has his hand out – an independent broker with impeccable credentials.”
Ed Katz, author, inventor, business owner, President, Office Moving Systems, Inc., President, International Office Moving Institute (IOMI), founder and former chairman, Peachtree Movers, Atlanta, GA

What our clients are saying . . .

Sheldon Friedman: Business movers

“Every company that moves must have a move consultant like Ed Katz in order to have a smooth transition.”

Sheldon Friedman, Esq.
Friedman, Dever & Merlin, LLC
Attorneys At Law

Mike Dever: Corporate relocation

“Ed coordinated all aspects of our move which increased its efficiency and drastically reduced the inconveniences associated with the move. He did a great job and I’ll recommend him to anyone I know who is moving.”

Mike Dever, Esq.
Friedman, Dever & Merlin, LLC
Attorneys At Law

Larry Merlin: corporate relocation services

“I have friends who recently moved their law firm and their move was a nightmare. They spent weeks before the move doing nothing but packing where I worked right up until the movers arrived with very little downtime. Where my friend’s move was out of control and very disruptive, I didn’t break a sweat. Our move was seamless and I felt like I didn’t have to do anything. Thank you Ed.”

Larry Merlin, Esq.
Friedman, Dever & Merlin, LLC
Attorneys At Law

Ever experienced an office move? Probably not the way we do it. Here is a brief sample of what to expect with Ed Katz as your relocation consultant.

What to consider when moving offices? Move computers safely

We set standards for the mover to prepare computers by bubble-wrapping the components.

Packing and unpacking services that protect your equipment

A moving cart full of bubble-wrapped computer componets is stretch-wrapped to protect items in transit and to provide consealment to guard against theft.

Office furniture dealers: Moving and Storage Tips

To prevent damage and soiling, upholstered furniture is stretch-wrapped.

Move and store furniture for your new office

Desk drawers get a Space Gobbler™ which is inflated to hold loose items in place.

Business moving companies know how to protect your office furniture

Then desks are stretch-wrapped.

Commercial moving and storage for furniture dealers: office storage furniture

Stretch-wrapped desk is then placed on a dolly and rolled to the moving van.

Office relocation consultants

Lateral files are moved safely with contents inside using a Spider Crane®, saving you packing and unpacking and no lost or mixed-up files.

Door covers and protectors for office relocation services

We make sure that the mover protects entryways with resilient Mat-A-Doors® or some other form of protection to minimize damage at both your former and beautiful new offices. We use the Mat-A-Door® on the lobby-side of elevators and glass doors, too.

Reputable moving companies clean and vacuum

We make sure carpets are vacuumed so, come Monday morning, no one can tell you moved over the weekend.