August 8, 2006

Boxless” move answers green tech cry

Graeble’s San Jose, CA branch, Midwest Moving & Storage in Chicago, Today’s Office serving central Arkansas, JK Moving & Storage BMG serving the United Kingdom.

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Instead of packing the Mylar prints from the blue print file cabinets into cardboard cartons, green-conscience movers such as Midwest Moving & Storage, which serves the Chicago area, moves them safely inside the file cabinets by inflating Space Gobblers™ to secure the contents.

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Companies such as Today’s Office serving central Arkansas inflate reusable Space Gobblers™ over desk contents to help reduce fuel consumption with fewer truck loads by moving the contents in the furniture rather than the contents and the furniture.

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To relieve their clients from the drudgery of building and taping and then packing (then packing!) cardboard cartons that are often thrown out after the move, companies such as Graebel’s San Jose, CA branch safely move lateral file cabinets fully loaded with the Spider Crane®.

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Wrapping sensitive computers with reusuable antistatic bubble packs provides maximum protection while keeping disposable bubble wrap, which doesn’t compress, out of landfills.

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New office move? Protect your doors with door pads

Instead of taping up big strips of cardboard, which clog building dumpsters before being carted off to the landfill, movers such as Vic’s Moving & Storage in Kansas City protect glass doors with a lightweight, portable, reusable and cost-effective alternative, The Mat-A-Door®.